Long story short, I had to replace the system board and it fixed the problem. Im hoping that maybe you might be able to help me? Could this possibly be a cable problem, or connection problem on the LCD? I have a toshiba Satellite AS It has a bad display. A video output on an external screen would be perfect, without any lines. Could be just loose cable connection.

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Any info or diagrams that anyone knows about ould be great. I turned on my computer today and after 10 minutes or so — my screen started to sony vaio vgn n320e blank and then changing colors.

I should add on… After the battery trick to clear CMOS config data, I was able to boot into the bios and check all the screens etc.

My ATI card comes with a configurable control panel which allows one to add new monitor modes and associate them to a selectable short-cut key sequence. I found that the heatsink had been previously removed and the thermal sony vaio vgn n320e had not been replaced.

How to take apart Sony Vaio VGN-SZ series laptop

I have two different routers but my laptop was disconnecting from one of them all sony vaio vgn n320e time. After minutes the internal LCD screen failed but the external video was fine. Believe me, you are not along. Hi, Hats off to this resource, before sony vaio vgn n320e else. This site gave that important piece of information: Any help or comments will be appreciated.

Sonny help would be awesome. I couldnt use the external monitor so we sent it in for warranty to use the external display.

I have an old SZ that still works well for me. Usually manifests itself as two vertical stripes a couple of inches wide and 2 or 3 inches from the left side of the screen. So I know its not a driver issue.

If anybody has figured out this issue or knows how to fix this please let me no. Just in case test the video output on an external monitor. If you appreciate sony vaio vgn n320e work and find this information useful, please support this site.

I can send photo to email. Can any body tell me how to prevent from dead cells on LCD????

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-NR – Inside my laptop

Rather than guess at the wiring, I just left the 2-port USB board disconnected but still in place — small loss. Sony vaio vgn n320e pushed the laptop to its limit by running Furmark benchmarks almost 3 times daily and reaching 85c max!

Hi, let vsio just say, this page is a very cool resource.

And also can i replace fgn or not? I got 6 years out of the original setup and hope to get another few years out of this upgrade. I have a Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC and for the last week or so there have been red pixels on my display and some white areas sony vaio vgn n320e aqua.

When the resolution is set to the highest setting the right and bottom 3 inches of the desktop are off the screen! It doenst show sony vaio vgn n320e when I view the captured image. My laptop works fine now, but I do have occassional random shutdowns. I have the new DC Jack part. When I start it, display becomes first greenish and after that picture is harsh and blurred but colors are OK. Hello, I replaced the motherboard on my Toshiba m35x.

After the mask is separated from the screen, work with your fingers to sony vaio vgn n320e plastic latches and lift up the mask. If the battery located where I said, you should be able to see it. Could the video card do this? Let me know how it goes with the external video output. I just tried replcing the LCD cable and nothing chaned.

There were two issues along the way… 1 As mentioned, I left two usb ports unusable but there are 2 more on the the right side that work sony vaio vgn n320e. Hello, I have a series of about multicolored vertical thin lines on the far left of my lcd display.