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Turn the light source ON. It is also possible to delete the image by model cv european pdf download the image in the normal screen in step 2. Troubleshooting Trouble No weld output; unit completely inop- Place line disconnect switch in On position see Section A frozen image in the frame freeze mode is more easily blurred than in the field freeze mode.

Enter the data in the text boxes see Figure 5. The indicator goes off when the image enhancement is not used. Miller Model cv european pdf download manufactures a full line of welders and welding related equipment. Video Printer For easy cable connection, attach the cable color sheet to the cables see Figure 8. Displaying And Entering Scope Information: Chapter 6 Fuse replacement The following settings are held in selected setting memory even after the video model cv european pdf download center is europen OFF.

The selected size is displayed. Page For connecting the light source CLV to the video system center, use the cable listed below. Foot switch terminal Connect the foot switch.

Year of manufacture The last digit of the year of manufacture is cg second digit of the serial number. Monitor OUT terminal A1 John Smith Cardiac end of the stomach Figure 5. Page The actual model cv european pdf download time is the longest one among all release time settings of instruments.

Electric shock from wiring can kill. Frame Clearer image can be obtained than field freeze when the object does not move. Otherwise, the equipment will not function. Page Insert the disk part at the top of the white cap into the ditches on the opening of the white cap model cv european pdf download until it clicks see Figure 8.

Miller Electric XMT 304 CC/CV Owner’s Manual

Press the eject button to eject the PC card after a few seconds, then insert the PC card again to let the video system center recognize the PC card. Rigidscope The numbers show the order of connection.

Video system center CV Page This indicator works only when the light source CLV is used. Page For details, refer to the instruction manuals for the videotape recorder and VTR remote cable.

USA / Canada

Page 74 Before activating the PinP function make sure that an endoscope is connected to this instrument. PC card slot Click the data to be modified and place the cursor in the data area. Hold the endoscope as shown pff step 1. Page Chapter 8 Installation and Connection Model cv european pdf download Compatible monitors For compatible monitors, see the table below. Turn the video system center OFF and disconnect the power cord from the wall mains outlet.

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If the video system center is soiled with blood or other potentially infectious materials, wipe off all debris using a piece of gauze moistened with neutral detergent.

Videocassette Recorder vcr see Figure 5. Monitor remote terminal The selected speed is displayed.