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WdStyleType Specifies the style type to apply. Specifies the type of field for a Field object.

If by “list out the namespaces required to work with the document” you mean the Help for the object model: Pdd a conflicting edit in a co-authored document. WdPhoneticGuideAlignmentType Specifies the alignment of phonetic that is added to the specified range. TextFrame Represents the text frame in a Shape object.

WdPasteOptions Indicates how to paste copied text. But it gives me a exception below. The ProtectedViewWindowOpen event occurs when a protected view window is opened. Document looks like convert to pdf download.

Represents the mathematical n-ary object, consisting of an n -ary object, a base or operandand optional upper limits and lower limits. October 13, at 9: Global Contains top-level properties and methods that don’t need to be preceded microsoft.pffice.interop.word the Application property. convert to pdf download Represents a phantom object, which has two primary uses: The type of a Conflict object is specified by the WdRevisionType enumeration. TableOfFigures Represents a single table of figures in a document.

OMathMat Represents an equation matrix. Provides the primary entry point to the co-authoring object model. WdCharacterCase Specifies the case of the text in downooad specified range. Friday, January 12, WdRecoveryType Specifies convert to pdf download formatting to use when pasting the selected table cells.

Represents a single reviewer of a document in which changes have been tracked. Specifies a line spacing format to be applied to a paragraph. Specifies whether Microsoft Word automatically resizes cells in a table to fit the contents AutoFit. WdSectionDirection Specifies how Word displays the reading order and alignment for the specified sections. ContentControl An individual content control.

Microsoft Office Interop (Word Automation) in C# and VB.NET

Generating a simple document with 30 paragraphs takes Changing the Type of a Word Content Control. Comment Represents a single comment.

The following variables are used with the Documents. WdTaskPanes Specifies the type of task pane object. RecentFile Represents a recently used file. Selection Represents the current selection in a window or pane.

Find Represents the criteria for a find operation. XlChartPicturePlacement Specifies the placement of a user-selected picture on a bar in a 3-D bar or column. WdIndexType Specifies the type of index.

GroupShapes Represents the individual shapes within a grouped shape. WdTablePosition Specifies the relative position of a table in the document.

c# – How to convert DocX document to 01nt? – Stack Overflow

WdCellColor Specifies the color of highlighting for table cells that were added, deleted, or merged in the current document. Converr Specifies a keyboard microsoft.ofifce.interop.word. When you forget this Word keeps running in the background.

Provides access to the Office Art formatting for chart elements. Version comments not saved in SharePoint SmartTags A collection of SmartTag objects that represents the text in a document that is marked as convert to pdf download recognized type information.

Main String[] args in C: OMathRecognizedFunction Represents a recognized function. WdMailMergeDestination Specifies a destination for mail merge results.