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ZainulAbidin Usman 19 February And you would not want to ever miss the chance of listening to his voice. We are eager to see him perform his salah live every day. Assalamu Alaikum, Am from Nigeria, ever since i was a kid i have been passionate with Quran mushaf umera ahmed free pdf download especially sheik Abdulsamad Abdulbasit whom i like to imitate as a child, i became more fascinated ummera i started listen to Sheik Maher Almueaqly, I was opportune to perform Hajj in AH in which Sheik Maher led us in most Salaat at Masjid Haram Makkah.

Mahmood Abid 12 July Allah has given him very beautiful sweet voice. Being a Pakistani, Arabic is not our first language but I had read Arabic at school.

I loved his recitation of Quran and pray for his everlasting successes here and Hereafter. Wassim Rafihi 3 December Since then I used to watch all three salah i.

My Aunt and I are very fond of his sweet, amazing mushhaf. I performed Umrah back in Aug with my wife after 3 months of my marriage and the first salat in Masjid Al Haram was Maghrib Prayers. From the same country Saudi-Arabia.

Jawaid Ahmed 6 October May the Mushaf umera ahmed free pdf download Allah bless them abundantly and help us to pass our exam honourably and to perfom a Hajj welldone Since I was in at MAKKA this year i-e shaikh al maher has lift his great love in my heart soon after his prayers I came back to peshawar pakistan but to this time the mhshaf prayed in his leadership is reminding 24hours in my mind. I pray for his long and frfe Live.

I pray that a chance may be achieve to me for performance of HAJJ.

Maher Al Mueaqly – ماهر المعيقلي – Holy Quran on Assabile

I have always enjoyed and appreciated the Quran recitation of Shaikh Maher el Muaeqily. Indeed it is sheikhs vision that he propagates through his voice and the verses were Sura Zamar’s last ayaats.

May Allah bestow me this chance to perform hajj again and to offer prayers in the imamat of these imams. We have never heard another man recite the Quran the way he does. Dowlnoad learned many surahs because of him as well. I had experience to listen to him for the first time when I was at Saudi Arabia in the year to perform Hajj. Videos – View all videos.

I wished to have another chance to perform salah following to these imams and wish strongly to see them once personally.

May Allah swt reward the brothers and sisters that put this website together, because now we ffee put a face to a voice. Assalam-o-Alaikum I Live in Pakistan. May Allah give me more opportunity to mushaf umera ahmed free pdf download him live. Mohammed Shah Nawaz Khan 19 March May Allah bestow me this chance to perform Hajj again and to offer prayers in the imamat of these imams.

Shaikh Maher al Mushaf umera ahmed free pdf download is one of the Best Quran Reciters whom Allah has granted a sweet voice and has ability to control the listeners’ spiritual emotions. By checking this box, I agree to write this comment without spelling errors, otherwise it will not be accepted.

This enables us watch the proceedings in the Haram anytime of the day and is another blessing indeed. I have sent this link to all my Muslim friends so they too can benefit from this amazing website inshallah.

Abdul Majid Modi 12 March Mushaf umera ahmed free pdf download are requested to remember me in their prayers.

May Allah Bless him. I wish if I do have another chance to offer prayers in his leading. I have never ever went for Hajj and I am intending to go for one if Allah Almighty wills.

I am currently in Nigeria. Aswk I love Sh Maher’s recitation. He was born Chawal 18, Hijri in Madinah. I only found out about him during my hajj trip this year and so bought his CD. I wish I can come again to pray in this wonderful Masjid AlHaram. His voice was w very soft and wonderful and I kept on asking myself who was the imam which was endowed with such good voice which encouraged me strongly to perform the prayer at Masjid Al Haraam.

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